My Face

This project was very fun and I think that you should continue assigning it in the future. It taught me that my face is not perfect nor symmetrical. It showed me that if I just erased what I saw then the form will begin to surface.Image

I started this project by blackening everything. My paper, face, and hands.Image

I set up my workspace and started staring at myself for a while. I made the brightest point at my nose and then worked my way out. Size became an issue for me. every one as drawing their noses too small but mine was way too big.

I made my nose very bulb like and I was really happy with the product. But then contrast was lacking in the rest of the face. I compared the areas of shadow to know shades and it turns out my face really is that flat.Image

At my glasses, I was so use to erasing soft fleshy forms it was hard to transition to a thing that was not skin colored.Image

I wanted to skip around because getting stuck frustrates me, so I ended up with a very muscular eye that got blacked immediately after it was created. The lips were still a scary place for my at this point of creating form.Image

the shape of the glasses are not a realistic as I would like them the top right frame is correct and the bottom left frame is right in their roundness. I made the edges of my nose more defined to distinguish my nose form from the face form.ImageImagemoved to the lips. In the end, I had the most problems with the eyebrows. I wasn’t sure how to make the hair form and the shape of the brow was difficult to establish.



Cyprinus the Koi FIsh

Problem: Rape is a weapon. It is used to subdue its victims into submission and bring them hopelessness. In a United Nations Human Rights article, they reported that “a government survey in 10 counties in 2005-2006 showed that 92 per cent of the 1,600 women interviewed had experienced sexual violence, including rape.” These places include Congo, Liberia, Darfur, Southern Kivu, and many more.

Super Power: Cyprinus has the power to protect its host by releasing a chemical that relaxes the host by essentially putting her to sleep and in cases where foreign objects are involved shed some of its scales to cover the vagina and uterus. It had horns to latch onto the penis and and get pulled out with it. Then it sprays hydrofluoric acid on the aggressor. This is a very weak acid that burns tissue for month after the fact. In some cases, the scar will be permanent. But only everyone sees the gold of the fishes body their minds reset to the innocence they were born with. Their kindness will be infectious for a week.      

Material: I chose to use Le Croix cans to make scales for my animal because it has the protective properties like chainmail but also the sharpness need as a weapon.

Form and Shape: The Koi fish is a symbol of love and friendship making them a nice contrast to the violence and brutality of rape.

Opposites Part Two and Construction

The photo portion of this project was not at difficult. I started taking picture I thought would describe my words even before I finished the abstract squares. These were not very good picture because I still wasn’t sure what my definitions were. After I came in and looked at everyone else’s pictures I got a sense of what the photos were suppose to feel like next to the abstract squares.

The abstract squares taught me how to see things. I learned how each line, how the line is form, and where lines are can affect the meaning or feeling of the object. I established final definitions to my words. Then, I when out with these thoughts in mind and took more picture. I chose Ashley’s rashy face and some nice rain for irritated and soothed, respectively.

When It cam time to mount the squares, I became uncertain of the space to leave between each square because I didn’t have many examples. No one in to class seem to have put there pictures up yet. I decided on a quarter of and inch because it was not too small and easy to measure. I liked the idea of the same space between all four squares because they are suppose to work off one another equally. 

I measured spacing differently from everyone else. I used a ruler to measure the half point in length  and width then marked and eight of and inch from the half point forming the fourth of and inch. Then I eyeballed the position of the squares and tacked them to the board. 

After I came back the next day the corners started lifting.The dry mount iron need to be hotter.

Opposites Part One

Having two words that are opposites and creating an abstract image of them, easy right? No. There were many challenges I faced while doing this project. The first was simply understanding what I was suppose to do. Next was defining the word without a real life counterpart. And lastly, after creating the abstract image cutting it out of paper.

I wasn’t very clear on what was suppose to be done. I couldn’t wrap around the idea that we would only be using shapes and then I didn’t understand that we would be cutting the final product out of paper so many of my thumb nails were of dots and small swirls. This was just me being silly. What I learned for net time is to read the assignment sheet more carefully and then read it when you about to start working. I add that last part in because I am pretty sure at some point I did know what I was suppose to do but forgot.

I spent about three hours making a map of the words, irritating and soothed. It was a fun process I enjoyed it a lot because it was just the first thing that popped into my head when I thought of the words. Then came the hard part of what my word sentence was going to be. Should I pick a word that looks like most of my depictions or should I pick and image that looks like the word I want to describe that describes my original word? Choices, choices.I decided on the latter because it made more sense. 

I decided that working with cut paper would be hard even if I didn’t use complicated shapes so I decided I will cut the image that really depicts the word. Working with the exacto knife was difficult, especially when cutting round corners and small shapes. I got so irritated when doing my irritated abstract I started cutting the scrapes with scissors. Go figure.   

Jihi Moon

Recently attended a Jiha Moon lecture about her exhibit at Agnes Scott. I work in Dana at the front desk so I have observed Jiha set up. At first I had no idea what she was doing, then my curiosity got the best of me and I left my desk to take a peek at the pieces inside the area. The colors all jumped out at me especially the light green from the tapestry piece. I did not look to closely at any one piece until the talk because my life is just full of running from class to class and work study to workshops day to day.  

When I looked closely at the installment piece I was very surprised at the mixture of pop culture in such a traditional piece. The flowers and dragons in gold paint against the blue back ground reminded me of my house. I have many vases, plates, and other porcelain items with the same sort of designs on them. The hidden pop culture references like Disney, Facebook, Twitter, et cetra reminded me of those Eye Spy books from my childhood. Many of the dolls and little cartoon figures I played with and own. I guess used my personal experiences to relate to the art. 

I seemed very apparent that even before the talk that Jiha was not only invested in her art but lived and breathed it. Just from the amount of stuff she had to collect for the project must have taken her years to gather.

During the talk she spoke of the idea of juxtaposing good with bad, life and death, and contradictions. I was confused about why she did that and why she couldn’t just make stuff about one subject. she went on to explain that being confused is the point of it all. She wanted the viewer to be unsure of what they are looking at and just appreciate it.  she wanted then to determine for themselves what it was about. I thought about a bit more and I understood finally, that by comparing things and confusing and mixing everything she was creating one subject. Jiha gathered many pieces, trinkets, styles, materials and made it fit together and stand. It was kind of like my high school slogan “Individually we are different but together we are Grady.” The individual things and parts have their own merit but united they make a strong statement.

I respect Jiha a lot because incorporating so many colors in one piece and having them all balance and pop at the same time is no easy feat. Not only that but she is so young and lively in her work and in person. I had a friend in high school that drew very colorful and happy pieces but if you met her in person you would not think they are from her. It seem like her art sucked all the happiness from her and puked it up on paper; she seemed depressed three days out of the school week. And her outlook on life was very bleak so for someone to be happy all around is commendable. Being happy is hard. Jiha’s work makes me happy.


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